Fall 2019 Sports

7v7 Flag Football

Description: Flag football is a fast pace game where teams compete 7 on 7. Instead of tackling, each player is given a flag belt that is worn around their waist during competition. Teams will battle to the end by pulling their opponents flag belts to end the play. To advance down the field, a team can complete a running or passing play. Flag football brings out the competitive and creative side of players.

Divisions: Men’s, Women’s

Playoffs: All teams make playoffs. It will be single elimination; seeding will be based off performance during regular season. Unless the team has a low sportsmanship rating below 2.5 then your team will not be eligible for playoffs.

Registration Ends: Sept. 4

Activity Begins: Sept. 9

Days of Play: M, T, W, R, F (Check times on IMLeagues.com/tjc)

Fee: FREE for all TJC Students & Faculty/Staff

Location: Tyler Junior College Intramural Field