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Humanities and Philosophy

Philosophy and humanities courses at TJC introduce you to thinkers and cultural movements across a wide swath of time. In humanities classes, students explore art, literature, music and ideas from ancient cultures up through the Renaissance. Philosophy courses cover the ideas that have shaped Western culture, help you practice reasoning and critical thinking skills, and foster dialogue about how we ought to live and act. World religions introduce students to a diverse range of religious traditions. Our courses help students broaden their minds and learn to think for themselves.

Our faculty are comprised of award-winning teachers and many have PhDs. We are committed to actively engaging students and helping them to succeed.

Humanities Courses

  • Introduction to the Humanities I (HUMA 1301) -  An interdisciplinary exploration beginning with early human civilization and ending with the Renaissance

Philosophy Courses

  • Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1301) - A survey of the history of Western philosophy beginning with ancient Greece and ending with 20th-century philosophical thought.
  • Introduction to Ethics (PHIL 2306) -  An introduction to ethical theories about how we ought to live and act. This course is recommended for students in their second year.
  • Introduction to World Religions (PHIL 1304) - An overview of multiple religious traditions with a focus on understanding their history and development in cultural context

Foreign Language

Foreign Language courses are much more than just lessons in grammar and vocabulary.  Our curriculum is project-based, which makes learning a new language interesting and engaging. In addition to having language fluency, our foreign language teachers are committed to helping students learn through active, enthusiastic and engaging instruction.

At TJC, you can complete the first two years of college Spanish online. If you choose an accelerated pace of study (8-week courses and/or summer courses), you can even finish two years of foreign language study in one year. This makes our courses ideal for students at other institutions who might wish to complete their foreign language entirely online or at a faster pace. Japanese courses are also offered online.

Current class offerings:

  • Beginning Japanese I – JAPN 1411
  • Beginning Japanese II – JAPN 1412
  • Beginning Spanish Conversation* – SPAN 1300
  • Beginning Spanish I – SPAN 1411
  • Beginning Spanish II – SPAN 1412
  • Intermediate Spanish I – SPAN 2311
  • Intermediate Spanish II – SPAN 2312

*Beginning Spanish Conversation is an elective course for students wanting to practice their Spanish conversation skills – it does not transfer. Many of the students who take it use it to practice their Spanish conversation skills for the workforce. It is accessible to students with no background in Spanish.

Please contact a TJC advisor or the department chair for guidance if you are taking JAPN or SPAN classes to fulfill a major requirement.