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Dual Credit

Testing Requirements for Academic Dual Credit

Testing Information

In order to take college courses for dual credit, a student must be deemed “college ready” through the TSI Assessment or through an exemption/waiver. Scores and high school transcripts must be submitted for verification to dualcredit@tjc.edu.

Minimum Test Scores required:

TSIA 2--ELAR Requirements: (after 1/11/2021)
CRC 945 and Essay of 5, OR
CRC 910-944 AND NRS Level 5, with Essay of 5

TSIA 2—Math Requirements:
RC 950, OR
CRC 910-949 AND Diagnostic (NRS) Level 6

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment (good for 5 yrs from date of test)
TSI Math –350
TSI Reading – 351
TSI Writing – 340 sentence skills with a 4 on the essay, OR
340 sentence skills with ABE diagnostic of 4 and an essay of 5

TSI Exemptions: (must be used within 5 years of testing)
Reading/Writing – 480
Math – 530

ACT (composite of 23)
English score of 19
Math score of 19

English 3 EOC of 4000+
Algebra 2 EOC of 4000+

TSI Waivers (must complete the college course with a C or higher to be deemed TSI exempt; may only be used while in high school)
English 2 EOC of 4000+
Algebra 1 EOC of 4000+ and has passed Algebra 2

EBRW – 460
MATH – 510

English – 435
Math – 431

PLAN (composite of 23)
English score of 19
Math score of 19