Career Assessments

Are you unsure what major or career to pursue?

Understanding your values, interests, personality, skills, and strengths is the first step toward choosing an eventual career path.  Developing your self-awareness can be as formal as taking an interest assessment, or as informal as participation in co-curricular activities.

Matching careers to what you have identified as important before beginning your career research helps you stay focused and motivated.  Exploring these questions through assessment tools will help you discover more about yourself and guide you to academic majors and careers most appropriate for you. 

Career Planning has several assessment tools to get you started on your path.   Visit the Career Planning office in White Administrative Services Center, to discuss which assessment is right for you, or try the Focus2 online assessment.  Focus2 offers a work interest assessment, values assessment, personality assessment, skills assessment, and leisure assessment.  Maximum results are obtained by completing each section of the assessment.   Follow the instructions below to complete the Focus2 assessment, then schedule an appointment with Career Planning to help interpret your results.


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  3. Upon completion, feel free to contact Career Planning to schedule an appointment to discuss the results of the assessment.

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