Winter and Spring Enrollment is Underway!

Winter Classes

CTE Financial Assistance

Students majoring in an Associate of Applied Science Degree or one-year certificate as listed in the TJC course catalog may be eligible for limited financial support. 

Students must meet all Perkins guidelines and submit all necessary documentation with an application by the appropriate deadline each semester.

To be considered, the student must also apply for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) and receive the PELL grant through the Office of Financial Aid.  Financial assistance eligibility is based upon the student’s major, economic need, full-time status, and availability of Carl D. Perkins Vocation and Technology Grant funds.

Application Dates:

Fall 2022

  • Open: April 4, 2022
  • Close: July 8, 2022

Spring 2023:

  • Open: October 10, 2022
  • Close: November 11, 2022

Applications and any required documentation may be mailed directly to the following address:

Tyler Junior College
Attn:  Darlene Cole
PO Box 9020
Tyler, TX 75711

OR: Scanned and emailed to or turned directly into our office. If you have any questions regarding the application process or are unable to upload and email your application please email Darlene Cole. 

Child Care

Dependent Care is limited to three dependents per family. It is paid directly to the designated licensed daycare facility or registered family home at a weekly rate based on the age of the child(ren). Children 12 and up are not eligible.  Childcare funding from other sources such as CCS must be reported. Childcare funding cannot be awarded from another source and Perkins at the same time. Excessive absences of the child from daycare will result in cancellation of funds. Payment is made at the beginning of each month. Registration or supply fees are not included. The rates are as follows and are subject to change.

  • Infants to age 1                          $65.00
  • Ages 1 to 2                                  $60.00
  • Ages 2 and up to Kindergarten    $50.00
  • After school care                          $40.00

Book Loans

Book loans are available to Perkins participants who qualify. Books must be returned to the Perkins office by the due date at the end of each semester. Failure to do so will result in a "hold" being placed on records. This will prevent future enrollment, transfer, and/or release of transcripts. Students who are currently enrolled in a Health Science Program have the option of keeping their books at the end of the semester.   Also, books can only be vouchered from the on-campus bookstore.  Perkins students may write/highlight in the books.  If the books are lost or destroyed, the student will be responsible for the replacement cost of the items.  All previously used textbooks that are replaced with updated versions will be available to CTE students for free in our office.  

Transportation Reimbursement

Transportation reimbursement is available to those Perkins participants who live 20 or more miles from campus. Mileage is reimbursed at $0.10 per mile.  Mileage log sheets must be picked up at the beginning of the month, filled in, and returned to Perkins by the last business day of the month. Failure to turn in log sheet by the last business day of the month will forfeit payment of for that month. Participants will be notified when checks are ready to be picked up in the Perkins Office. Please record the exact trip mileage. The rate is subject to change.

Tool Assistance

Tools are available to Perkins participants who are enrolled in Automotive Technology, HVAC/Refrigeration, EECT, Culinary or Welding Technology programs. Tools are purchased through the Perkins office from the official list of the program you are enrolled in. $500 per semester is available for tools. This rate is subject to change.

How to Apply

Applications can also be picked up in the Perkins office, Pirtle 128. To be considered for funding, students must meet all guidelines below and submit all necessary documentation, including filing a FASFA application on-line or through the TJC Financial Aid office. Financial assistance eligibility is based upon major, need, full-time status, GPA, progress toward major and availability of Carl D. Perkins Grant funds.

Grant funds are limited, so eligible students will be placed on a waiting list and awarded funds according to the highest economic need as funds become available. All students must reapply prior to the fall semester of each academic year and fill out a continuation form each spring. 

All Perkins participants must be full-time students majoring in a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree, as listed in the Tyler Junior College course catalog. Your current major must be listed correctly in the TJC Registrar's office. If it is not, you must change it immediately in order to be eligible for consideration. Associate of Arts (transfer degree for Bachelors) majors, such as General Studies, Teaching, Pre-Law, etc. are not eligible for the Perkins Grant.

  • Apply for the Federal Pell Grant online or in the financial aid office.
  • Be eligible for and receive Pell Grant funding.
  • Turn in a Perkins Grant application, with all required documentation, by the deadline.
  • Sign contracts each semester prior to funds being spent.
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA and maintain full-time (12 hours) status without excessive absences. Progress should be evident toward a major to qualify for future funding.

If you are awarded the Perkins Grant, you must maintain your eligibility throughout the semester.  If at any time you drop below full-time status (12 hours) or your GPA drops below a 2.0 then your Perkins funding will cease immediately and you will be required to return any items that were purchased for you using Perkins funds.