Carl D. Perkins Grant

For the career/technical major who can document financial need, limited financial support may be available for child care assistance, books, and/or transportation reimbursement. Awards are dependent upon the amount of Carl D. Perkins funding available each semester.  Funds are awarded according to highest need to eligible students who apply by the priority deadline. After the priority deadline funds are awarded to eligible applicants first come/first serve, according to need. Please be aware of the following priority application deadlines:

Priority Deadlines

(note: applications accepted until all funds awarded each semester)

Spring 2017: Deadline is Nov. 4, 2016 - Application available Oct. 10, 2016

Applications must be picked up in the Perkins/Adult Student Services offices, Pirtle 128. To be considered for funding, students must meet all guidelines below and submit all necessary documentation, including filing a FASFA application on-line or through the TJC Financial Aid office. Financial assistance eligibility is based upon major, need, full-time status, GPA, progress toward major and availability of Carl D. Perkins Grant funds.

Grant funds are limited, so eligible students will be placed on a waiting list and awarded funds according to highest economic need as funds become available. All students must reapply prior to the fall semester of each academic year and fill out a continuation form each spring. 

All Perkins participants must be full-time students majoring in a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree, as listed in the Tyler Junior College course catalog. Your current major must be listed correctly in the TJC Registrar's office. If it is not, you must change it immediately in order to be eligible for consideration. (ex: If your major is nursing, but you have not yet been accepted into the program, your major should state Pre-nursing). Associate of Arts (transfer degree for Bachelors) majors, such as General Studies, Teaching, Pre-Law, etc. are not eligible for the Perkins Grant.

  • Apply for the Federal Pell Grant online or in the financial aid office.
  • Be eligible for and receiving Pell Grant funding.
  • Turn in a notarized Perkins Grant application, with all required documentation, by the deadline.
  • Sign contracts each semester prior to funds being spent.
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA and maintain full-time (12 hour) status without excessive absences. Progress should be evident toward a major to qualify for future funding.

If you are awarded the Perkins Grant, you must maintain your eligibility throughout the semester.  If at any time you drop below fulltime status (12 hours) or your GPA drops below a 2.0 then your Perkins funding will cease immediately and you will be required to return any items that were purchased for you using Perkins funds.

For further information call (903) 510-2391 or come see us in our office at Pirtle T-128.