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Winter Term Classes

The Winter Term at TJC offer more choices and flexibility to round out your schedule. Complete the same course in a shorter amount of time! The 2022 Winter Term starts December 23 and finals are the week of January 10, 2023.

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ARTS1301: Art Appreciation
COMM1307: Intro to Mass Communication
COSC1301: Introduction to Computing
CRIJ1301: Intro to Criminal Justice
DANC1305: World Dance
DANC2303: Dance Appreciation
DRAM1310: Theater Appreciation 
ECON2301: Prin of Macroeconomics
ECON2302: Prin of Microeconomics
EDUC1300: Learning Framework
ENGL1301: Composition I
ENGL1302: Composition II
ENGL2311: Technical & Business Writing
ENGL2332: World Literature I
GOVT2305: Federal Government
GOVT2306: Texas Government
HIST1301: United States History I
HIST1302: United States History II
HUMA1301: Intro to the Humanities I
MATH1314: College Algebra
MATH1316: Plane Trigonometry
MATH1324: Math for Bus & Soc Sciences
MATH1325: Calculus for Bus & Soc Sci
MATH1332: Contemporary Mathematics
MATH1342: Elementary Statistical Methods
MATH1350: Mathematics for Teachers I
MATH1351: Mathematics for Teachers II
MUSI1306: Music Appreciation
PHED1306: First Aid
PHIL1301: Intro to Philosophy
PHIL2306: Introduction to Ethics
PSYC2301: General Psychology
PSYC2314: Lifespan Growth & Development
SOCI1301: Introduction to Sociology
SOCI1306: Social Problems
SPCH1311: Intro to Speech Communication
SPCH1315: Public Speaking
SPCH1321: Business & Prof Communication