May Term is open to:

  • All TJC students
  • Students from other universities and colleges
  • Life-long learners
  • Working professionals
Available Courses
Course Available Online
ARTS1301 Art Appreciation ✔️
BIOL1322 Nutrition & Diet Therapy ✔️
COMM1307 Intro to Mass Communication ✔️
COSC1301 Introduction to Computing  
DANC1305 World Dance ✔️
DANC2303 Dance Appreciation ✔️
DRAM1310 Intro to Theatre (and film) ✔️
ECON2301 Prin of Macroeconomics ✔️
ECON2302 Prin of Microeconomics ✔️
EDUC1300 Learning Framework ✔️
ENGL1301 Composition I ✔️
ENGL1302 Composition II ✔️
ENGL2311 Technical & Business Writing ✔️
ENGL2332 World Literature I ✔️
GOVT2305 Federal Government ✔️
GOVT2306 Texas Government ✔️
HIST1301 United States History I ✔️
HIST1302 United States History II ✔️
HUMA1301 Intro to the Humanities I ✔️
MATH1314 College Algebra  
MATH1332 Contemporary Mathematics  
MATH1342 Elementary Statistical Methods  
MUSI1306 Music Appreciation ✔️
PHED1306 First Aid ✔️
PHIL1301 Intro to Philosophy ✔️
PHIL2306 Introduction to Ethics ✔️
PSYC2301 General Psychology ✔️
PSYC2306 Human Sexuality ✔️
PSYC2314 Lifespan Growth & Development ✔️
SOCI1301 Introduction to Sociology ✔️
SPCH1315 Public Speaking ✔️
SPCH1321 Business & Prof Communication ✔️
FIRT1303 Fire and Arson Investigation I ✔️
DRAM1310 Introduction to Theater