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Purchasing Textbooks

Students may purchase books using financial aid through the TJC Campus Store for a limited time each semester.

  • Only students who have been awarded financial aid for the specific semester they are attending are eligible to charge books to their student accounts. Please contact the AEC (see below contact information), to confirm these dates. An email will be sent to all students awarded aid just before the beginning date of each term.
  • Aid must be in the authorized status before specific charges can be made. Students should log into Apache Access and click on the Account Balance Traffic Light to view the authorized aid amount.  
  • Students must have an authorized aid balance that exceeds the tuition and fee total to charge books since tuition and fees will be paid first. These charges will be deducted from their financial aid award before being refunded.
  • Students must purchase all of their books at once, so students taking a late term who need to purchase books will need to come to the AEC for possible approval to charge books to their financial aid.
  • Students must use their financial aid refund to purchase books after the bookstore purchase period ends.