These professions typically require that students earn a bachelor's degree prior to admission, and many students choose to complete an Associate of Science degree in biology while at TJC.

Students should meet with an academic advisor to review the course requirements for their field of interest and customize the degree plan accordingly. Acceptance into professional schools is competitive and applicants must demonstrate above-average academic ability, adult maturity and a strong motivation for their chosen field.

What our Students Say

Harman kurt quote

"TJC sciences prepared me for dental school. The subjects for the Dental Aptitude Test were directly from the courses I took at TJC."

Kurt Harman, D.D.S.
Hill County Dental and Clark Dental Group, TJC 2008-2010

Bethany flanders quote

"In all the years I spent pursuing a higher education, the professors who most impacted my life were the ones I encountered at TJC. They consistently went above and beyond to invest in my life and education."

Dr. Bethany Flanders, D.D.S.
Boozer Dental Works Pediatric Dentistry

Ramsey quote

"TJC prepared me well for the rigors of Texas A&M’s veterinary program. My instructors were excellent and invested in my success. We are fortunate to have such a quality institution in East Texas."

Bryan Ramsey, DVM
South Tyler Animal Clinic