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Apache Signers and Interpreter Student Association

"The Apache Signers" is a sign language performance group started in September 2008 by Rhonda McKinzie. Previously she was involved in the sign singing group “The Rainbow Connection” at Texas Woman’s University in the early 1980’s. The group performs the National Anthem and the Alma Mater at TJC Homecoming games and performs at other events.

Interpreter Student Association

Purpose: To promote student interpreters, the interpreting field, and TJC’s Sign Language Interpreter Training Program (ITP).  To raise money through fundraisers to help student interpreters attend the annual Texas Society Interpreters for the Deaf (TSID) conference. Interpreter Training Program Majors are encouraged to join this group. TSID has an interpreter student special interest group (SIG). When a student joins TSID, s/he is a member of the SIG. At conference, there is a student pre-conference available to student members.

The group meets 2-4 times per month each semester weekly or every two weeks and is involved in a variety of community service activities within the Deaf & Interpreting communities. Members are encouraged to join the private Facebook group where they can join in discussions, keep up with the latest information and offer support to each other.  Second-year students mentor the first-year students. Graduates often come back to offer support to current students in the program as well. Students graduate to become colleagues and often remain connected for life.

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