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Logging into Apache Access

Apache Access is the student, faculty and staff portal for TJC. In Apache Access, you can view your grades, register for classes, view your student email, pay your tuition, apply for housing and scholarships and a ton of other things. Think of it as a collection of tools for your academic and work success at TJC.

You can get to Apache Access by clicking the "Login" button at the top of every page on the TJC website, or by entering this URL into your browser: https://myapacheaccess.tjc.edu

Apache Access Login

Login Issues?

Google Chrome recently released some updates that resulted in Apache Access login issues. Our vendors are aware of this issue and working to resolve it. In the meantime, students are encouraged to follow the instructions/troubleshooting suggestions below when logging into Apache Access.   

Solution 1: Use an Alternative Browser when Logging into Apache Access   

Students logging into Apache Access should use an alternative browser like Firefox until the Google Chrome login issue is resolved. If you are unable to utilize an alternate browser, please try using an incognito window or clearing your browser cache (instructions below)  

Solution 2: Use Incognito Window in Chrome

  1. While in Google Chrome, hold Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or Command-Shift-N (macOS) to open a new Chrome incognito window.
  2. A new Chrome window will appear and you can go to www.TJC.edu and login as normal

Note for Dual Credit Students: Some ISD’s restrict the use of incognito windows on ISD provided computers.

Solution 3: Clear Browser History (Cache) in Chrome (shortcut) 

  1. While in Google Chrome, hold Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (macOS) keys together.
  2. Click on “Advanced.” Make sure the following boxes are checked. If checked these boxes will be highlighted in blue.  

- Browsing history 
- Download history 
- Cookies and other site data 
- Cached images and files 

  1. Click on the “Time range.” A drop-down bar will appear. Choose “All time.” 
  2. Click the blue “Clear Data” button located at the bottom of the screen.  
  3. Refresh browser windows.  

Apache Access 'Authentication Error' Message 

If an 'Authentication Error" message occurs when logging into Apache Access, you should clear your browser history (cache). Use the "Clear Browser History in Chrome" instructions above. 

Apache Access 'Authentication Failed' Message

If an 'Authentication Failed" message occurs when logging into Apache Access, it may be related to your password. 

Step 1: Double-check that you are using the correct password when logging in. 

Step 2: Double-check that you are typing the correct password (make sure your CAPS LOCKED is off) 

Step 3:  If you have tried multiple times to access your account and you continue to receive the same error message, you may be locked out of your account. This will require resetting your password (see instructions below).  

Clearing cache in other web browsers

Google Chrome (Desktop and Mobile Browsers)
iOS Safari (Mobile Browsers)
Safari (Desktop Browsers) There is a known issue with Safari, which requests a "certificate" from the user. Avoid using Safari on a Mac to log into Apache Access.
Internet Explorer

What browser am I using?

Forgot your username or password?

Your Apache Access username is your student A-Number, which will look like A00123456. Your initial password will be the letters “TJC” followed by your birthdate in MMDDYY format. For example, if your birthday is July 22, 1998, your new Apache Access password will be TJC072298. 

  • To initialize your Microsoft 365 account, go to TJC.edu/office365 (you'll need your student email address, which you can find in Apache Access).
  • To reset your password, go to TJC.edu/password

If additional assistance is needed please contact the IT Service Desk via a Service Now Incident Ticket or by phone at 903-510-3269. 

Changing/Resetting Your Password via Phone 

Step 1: Call the IT Service Desk at (903) 510-3269. Listen carefully... 

Step 2: Select Option 1 (Student) 

Step 3: Select Option 1 again (Password Reset) 

Step 4: Enter your A-Number. Include the leading zeros but do not include the ‘A’ (example: 00XXXXXX) 

Step 5: Enter your birth date (YYYYMMDD). 

Step 6: Listen closely until you receive a new password.