TJC will reopen Thursday, Jan. 18

Classes will resume and administrative offices will be open. Please be safe as you travel to campus.

Online Counseling Resources

Addiction Treatment– Seeking Addiction Treatment? Take a look at for resources in your area.

Psych Central– Up to date articles on mental health issues with links to online treatment services including support groups, counseling and other services.

Medications Information (from University of Michigan)- This information is compiled by University of Michigan. Tips for managing your medications and basic information regarding side effects.

Depression Central- Information about diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders.

Ask Alice and Healthwise (from Columbia University) - A source of general information and an online advice column (See “Go Ask Alice”).

Stress Management and Reduction- UT Austin developed this guided program in order to best meet stress management needs. In order to target your stress in the quickest and most helpful way, please consider taking this "Stage of Change" quiz. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes, and when you're done you will get a suggestion of one of three "routes" to take through Stress Recess. If you get bored or it doesn't seem to meet your stress management needs, feel free to explore on your own.