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Hearing/Visual Disabilities

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Tyler Junior College provides interpreting services for students attending classes, for tutoring sessions with tutors who do not know sign language, for meetings with your instructors, advisors, club meetings, Continuing Education classes, all courses, Adult Basic Education, GED, tests and other college functions.

How do I get an Interpreter? Make an appointment with Support Services. Here you will fill out the necessary paperwork and receive your handbook on our Policies and Procedures. You may also get assistance from our staff with telephone registration, setting appointments with your academic advisor, testing questions, information on the ASL club, tutoring, etc.

See our related downloads for the Faculty Handbook for working with Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.

Visual Impairments

Accommodations Available:

Coordination of textbooks recorded or print enlarged - A Kurzwell reader is available for students to tape texts and other print materials in the library. Students should supply their own standard cassette tapes. A Visual-tek is available in the library to enlarge materials for student viewing.

  • Scribe and reader services for in-class reading, written work and test taking.
  • Classroom notetakers
  • Zoom text and JAWS software
  • Enlarging of diagrams, tests, charts and other educational materials
  • Variable speed recorders and magnifiers
  • Academic support services

Documentation Required:

  • Current Ophthalmologist's report
  • High school records (if applicable, IEP's not acceptable)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation/Veteran Affairs Records (if applicable)