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Tutoring FAQ

How Can Tutors Help Me?

Tutors can help clarify concepts/topics you’re not understanding, provide study strategies to make your study time more effective, and help sharpen your writing skills for stronger academic essays. Tutors will not give answers to assignments or write your essay for you.

How Can I Prepare For a Tutoring Session?

The more effort you put towards your success on your own, the better your tutoring session will go. Tutoring is not a substitute for attending class and individual studying. Bring all materials such as textbooks, notes, and assignments. In addition to relevant material,  bringing a list of questions for your tutor will help to give a purpose to the session.

What Can I Expect During a Tutoring Session?

Tutors are trained to ask open-ended questions to promote critical thinking and participation. You must have a willingness to work and actively participate in your session.

How Do I Get a Tutor?

Please refer to our Get a Tutor page.

How Do I Become a Tutor?

Please refer to our Become a Tutor page.

How Do I Cancel an Appointment?

Contact the Apache Tutoring Center at 903-510-2577

What if I Miss an Appointment?

After three unexcused tardies, no-shows, or late cancelations students must meet with the director before receiving more tutoring.