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College Success Coaching

Coaching FAQs

1. What is college success coaching, and how does it work?

College success coaching is designed to help students maximize their college experience and reach their academic goals by increasing the connection points between students and the college from entrance to graduation. This is done through one-on-one meetings between the college success coach and the student (usually 30 minutes to 1 hour in length).

In these meetings both the student and coach will identify the student’s academic goal(s) as well as the academic challenges the student may be experiencing. Then, they will explore strategies that the student can implement to help overcome these obstacles, developing an action plan. Coaches may also direct students to other TJC campus resources that can aid students in reaching their full potential.


2. Is coaching the same as tutoring?

No, it is not tutoring in the sense that a college success coach does not tutor students in specific course content or class material. However, a coach can refer students to the appropriate tutoring services. College success coaching will help students build their overall skill sets (note-taking strategies, study strategies, etc.).


3. Is coaching the same as academic advising?

College success coaching does not help students select courses or prepare their academic plans in DegreeWorks. A coach does not help students set up their classes or select the different courses they must take in the future. In addition, a coach does not help students make financial aid decisions. For these areas, a student should visit a TJC academic advisor or a TJC financial aid specialist.


4. Who is eligible for College Success Coaching?

Any currently enrolled student may schedule an appointment to meet with a coach. Walk-ins are also welcome on a first-come, first-served basis.