Institutional Review Board

All institutions applying for federal research funds must have Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) with clearly defined policies and procedures ensuring that grant-funded research activities protect human subjects.  Upon being awarded federal funds, principal investigators and/or project directors whose activities involve research on human subjects must complete required forms and submit the project for IRB review and approval before any research on human subjects is allowed to commence.

IRB Committee Meetings

The Institutional Review Board conducts its meetings on the first Friday of each quarter. Any proposals requiring full review must be submitted no later than ten (10) working days prior to a scheduled meeting. Forms may be found on the related downloads page under "Institutional Review Board." If you have questions about the IRB, please contact Dr. Afton Barber (IRB Chair).

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Training in Protecting Human Research Participants

Faculty and students at TJC may utilize human subjects from time to time in conducting research. Safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects is of prime concern to Tyler Junior College. All personnel engaged in any given study are accountable for any actions or inactions that might contribute to injury of any persons placed at risk. The college will maintain such reviews as necessary to minimize the risks of injury to human subjects and to insure protection of their rights and welfare. The fundamental responsibilities outlined above are meant to suggest a preventive attitude with respect to potential injury to human subjects at risk. Any request for research by the TJC IRB Board should be accompanied with a certification of training in Protecting Human Research Participants. Principal investigators must complete online NIH training as preparation to conduct research with human subjects. Training takes approximately one to two hours. Certificates are awarded for completion.
The course is available at: