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Remote TSI Testing FAQs

Who does TJC use for remote TSI proctoring?

TJC Testing Services uses Examity, who is also an approved proctoring provider for College Board/Accuplacer

What technology is required? 

You need access to the internet, a webcam, audio, and a microphone. You can test your system at the ACCUPLACER site. This is strongly encouraged and should be completed well before your scheduled assessment time. You will be monitored through the webcam by a live proctor. 

Does the test work on Chromebook, tablets, or mobile phones?

No. You must use a desktop computer or laptop.

Does the remote proctoring work on MACs? 

Do I need any special knowledge or computer skills?


Is the TSI Pre-Assessment a requirement before taking the TSI Assessment?

Yes, the pre-assessment if free and takes about 20 minutes to complete.  You can take the TSI pre-assessment at any time by going to

Are there additional fees to take the TSI remotely?

Yes, Examity will charge a $25 proctoring fee that must be paid at the time of making your appointment.  Please also be aware that failure to attend a scheduled appointment will require an additional $25 fee when rescheduling.

How will TJC receive my TSI scores once I complete my assessment?

Usually, Accuplacer will inform TJC once an assessment with a voucher identification has been completed.  However, you can also choose to share your scores after the assessment is complete through your Accuplacer account or you can email our testing services department directly at

Will my identity be verified?

Yes! You must upload a photo ID when you register. You will also show the same ID when you take the assessment. 

How do I schedule my online proctored exam? 

In the Examity Accuplacer site, you need to register and then log in. You will create a profile, upload your photo ID, and then you will schedule your assessment. You can choose the day and time that works best for your schedule. 

Can I reschedule my remote TSI placement test?

Generally, yes, but you will have to contact Examity directly for appointment changes and there may be an additional fee. However, you need to be aware of TSI assessment deadlines and must complete your TSI assessment before the deadline. If you need assistance with knowing what the TSI assessment deadlines are, you can email

What happens if I lose my voucher code before my scheduled assessment?

Please get in touch with TJC’s Testing Services Department if you need a new voucher created or need us to provide you with your original voucher number.  You can call 903-510-2617 or email

Who do I call if I need help or technical support?

Please call 1-855-392-6489 or email to get help. You can also chat with someone by going to the Examity website

What else do I need to know?

You must take the assessment in a quiet room without interruptions. Food and drink are prohibited, and you cannot take a break during the test. 

Where can I find more information about the TSI Assessment?