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Tuition and Fee Breakdown

Winter 2023

Semester Hours In District Out of District Out of State
1 $139 $202 $227
2 $233 $359 $409
3 $327 $516 $591


Methods of Computation:

In District Out of District Out of State
$37/hr tuition $40/hr tuition $65/hr tuition
plus (N/A) $60/hr surcharge $60/hr surcharge
plus $42/hr general education fee $42/hr general education fee $42/hr general education fee
plus $15/hr technology fee $15/hr technology fee $15/hr technology fee
plus $45 registration fee $45 registration fee $45 registration fee

Other fees:

NOTE: In addition to the rates shown, the following fees are charged:

Laboratory fees (per course - specified courses only) $20/hr
High-Cost VoTech Course Fee (per specified courses) $28/hr
High-Cost Health Prof Course Fee (per specified courses) $28/hr
3000/4000 Level Course Fee $30/hr
Individual Music Instruction $85 (1 lesson/week)
Individual Music Instruction $110 (2 lessons/week)
Distance Ed Fee $10/hr
Non-Course Based Option (NCBO) Fee $85
Non-Funded Course Fee $100/hr
18-Hour Rule Fee $75/hr
Developmental Ed Math Access Fee $96 per course
Developmental Ed English Access Fee $82 per course
Developmental Ed Reading Access Fee $82 per course
Returned Check Fee $30
Posting Fee** $25
ID Replacement Fee $15
Reinstatement Fee $100 per occurrence
Dual Credit Late Processing Fee $100 per course
Differential Fee Varies (see chart)

Tuition, fees, and other expenses are subject to change by vote of the Board of Trustees or the legislature of the State of Texas. 

** For post credit by examination (CLEP, et al.) to permanent records

Differential Fee by Program

Air Conditioning $11
Associate Degree Nursing $25
Automotive $13
Chemistry $10
Community Health $16
Computer Science $9
Criminal Justice $10
Culinary $12
Dental Assisting $17
Dental Hygiene $25
Diagnostic Medical Sonography $20
Electronics $8
Emergency Medical Services $16
Engineering Design Technology $13
Fire Technology $10
Game and Simulation Development $13
Geology $7
Health Information Technology $16
Human Services $16
Interpreter Training $13
Life Sciences $10
Medical Laboratory $17
Music $7
Occupational Therapy Assistant $25
Physical Therapist Assistant $25
Physics $7
Polysomnography $19
Power Plant Technology $8
Radiologic Technology $20
Respiratory Care $19
Surgical Technology $20
Surveying $9
Theatre $7
Veterinarian Technology $20
Vision Care Technology $19
Visual Communication $10
Vocational Nursing $21
Welding $12
Wellness and Exercise $20
Workforce IT $11

*For further information please visit TJC's Cost of Attendance breakdown.