Student success outcomes | Quality Enhancement Plan | Tyler Junior College

Quality Enhancement Plan

Student success outcomes

Student Success Goal 1: College Success Coaching participants will successfully complete a post-secondary credential.

Outcome 1.1: Students will maintain a GPA of at least 2.25

Outcome 1.2: College Success Coaching participants meet completion of credit hours more quickly than the comparison group

Outcome 1.3: College Success Coaching participants will continue college at a higher rate than the comparison group

Outcome 1.4: College Success Coaching participants will graduate or transfer to continue their education at a higher rate than the comparison group

Student Success Goal 2: College Success Coaching participants will actively engage in activities designed to improve success.          

Outcome 2.1: College Success Coaching participants meet monthly with their coaches

Outcome 2.2: College Success Coaching participants find the resources recommended by their coaches to be beneficial

Outcome 2.3: College Success Coaching participants achieve the academic goals they set for themselves each semester

Outcome 2.4: College Success Coaching participants will report that the program positively impacted their academic success                                                  

Student Success Goal 3: College Success Coaching will become part of the culture at Tyler Junior College   

Outcome 3.1: Students report that faculty proactively reach out to them when they are struggling with coursework

Outcome 3.2: Students report that staff members refer them to appropriate resources when they are struggling with academic success

Quality Enhancement Plan Team

  • Matthew Ramirez - TJC Promise Director, QEP Director
  • Maggie Ruelle - Director of the Learning Commons, Steering Committee Member
  • Lauren Tyler - Director of Student Life, Steering Committee Member
  • Billie Anderson, Director of Curriculum Development- Steering Committee Member
  • Dr. Cliff Boucher, Dean, School of Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences - Steering Committee Member
  • Dr. Tammy Burnette, Professor/Department Chair - Healthcare Technology and Medical Systems- Steering Committee Member
  • Dr. Tim Drain, Associate Vice Provost - Student Affairs - Steering Committee Member
  • Renee Hawkins, Division Director of Student Support Services - Steering Committee Member
  • Sharon Kyser, Professor – History – Steering Committee Member
  • Jeanie Oxler, Director of School District Partnerships - Steering Committee Member
  • Dr. Belinda Prihoda, Director of Institutional Effectiveness - Steering Committee Member
  • Rebecca Sanders, Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations - Steering Committee Member
  • Sarah Van Cleef, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs and Chief Financial Officer - Steering Committee Member
  • Danna Baggett, Director of Tutoring Services - Implementation Team Member
  • Jeremy Boyd, Assistant Director of Enrollment Support Services - Implementation Team Member
  • Megan Burns, Manager, Scholarship & Rusk TJC Citizens Promise Program - Implementation Team Member
  • Chris Fontaine, Director of Academic Advising & Interim Director of Testing Services - Implementation Team Member
  • Brad Gifford, Project Director of TRiO – Implementation Team Member
  • Dr. Erica Powell, Professor/Department Chair - Learning Framework - Implementation Team Member