The Quest for Academic Success: Improving Reading Comprehension


The purpose of the Quality Enhancement Plan is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and experience that promotes reading comprehension skills which will enrich students' educational experience throughout their academic careers. The plan will enhance courses in which reading comprehension skills are critical to success, by training faculty members who teach these courses to incorporate instructional strategies grounded in research for improving reading comprehension skills.

For a PDF of the complete plan, the plan's Executive Summary, and the QEP Annual Assessment Report (2012), please see our related downloads.

Three Actions Driving TJC's Quest for Academic Success

  1. Faculty Development
  2. Gateway Course Modification
  3. Academic Support Services

The Quest Lab

Although the Quest Student Success Center is primarily dedicated to supporting the Quest Students in TJC’s Quality Enhancement Plan, it provides all TJC students with self-directed learning opportunities and offers many student reading comprehension support services. Quest Student Success Center initiatives include student workshops, tutoring, and faculty development. The Quest Center is housed in the northeast corner of Vaughn Library and consists of three distinct areas:

  1. a computer lab where students may access the Quest website and receive reading support from professional tutors and where pre- and post-testing may be completed in a controlled environment
  2. a classroom for workshops and training that support the QEP initiative and
  3. an office for the QEP director.