Group Tours

We are so glad to know that you are interested in visiting TJC! We are here to help you plan your visit so you will have an excellent experience on the TJC campus and be able to take advantage of all of the activities we have planned for your group. The best way to ensure a successful visit experience is to plan early. To help you get started, we have created this list of helpful planning hints. We hope that you will find it useful as you plan your visit to TJC!

Note: Before we can schedule a tour, all groups need to print, fill out, and return the Teacher Planning and Tour Request form

Planning your visit:

  • Please contact us at least 3-4 weeks ahead so we can begin planning your visit. Our calendar fills up quickly, so the sooner you schedule your visit the better.
  • If any of your participants have special needs, please notify the Admissions Office at 903-510-2523.
  • The coordinating teacher must accompany the group to campus. If there is a change in coordinating teachers, please notify the Admissions Office as soon as possible and provide new contact information.
  • If the total number of visitors (including students, teachers, and chaperones) changes in any way, it is imperative that we have an accurate number so that we can plan the best visit possible for your group.
  • If changes to the itinerary are necessary (change in time or date, or change in requested activities), so that we have adequate opportunity to notify others who may be involved in your visit and accommodate your requests.
  • Collect any necessary permission slips and/or fees before your departure to TJC.
  • Please review the itinerary, map, and parking information. If you have any questions, please give the Admissions Office a call no later than the day before your visit. Our number is (903) 510-2523.


  • Please have an adequate number of active and enthusiastic chaperones. We recommend one teacher/chaperone accompany each group of 15 students.
  • Teachers and chaperones are responsible for their group and are to be present throughout the campus visit. It is the responsibility of the teachers/chaperones to maintain order while on campus. It is the coordinating teacher’s responsibility to communicate this to the other teachers/chaperones participating in the campus visit. You may find it helpful to distribute copies of the "Dear Chaperone" document (found on the related downloads page) to each teacher/chaperone who will accompany your group to TJC.

Transportation and Parking:

  • Carefully plan all transportation needs to be sure the driver(s), students, and parents know the required departure time.
  • The Admissions Office is glad to provide complimentary parking for your visit. Parking arrangements will be made upon tour/event confirmation.


  • Upon arrival at the college your group will be welcomed by staff members, and/or current students. Each one will share what life is like at TJC and give a testimony of all the exciting activities you can expect while attending TJC.
  • A campus tour will follow the welcome session, if requested. The tour guides are currently enrolled students, and are excellent sources of information about TJC. Encourage your students to ask questions and complete the questionnaire provided.

On the day of your visit:

  • Please work with your driver prior to your visit to determine when and where he/she should meet your group for departure, as the Admissions Office is unable to contact your driver during your visit to our campus.
  • Should it appear that your group will not arrive on campus at the time indicated on your itinerary; the Admissions Office must be notified by calling 903-510-2523. Many individuals throughout campus may be involved in your visit, and we need to notify them and make any necessary adjustments as soon as possible. Every attempt will be made to preserve as much of your group’s scheduled activities as possible. Please be aware that a change in arrival time may result in exclusion of some activities.

We look forward to meeting you!