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Harry the Hawk

Since the creation of TJC in 1926, East Texans and students from throughout the state and country, have had access to a high-quality education.  

TJC has long been known for an unparalleled spirit and pride – founded in world-class academic programs, a very active student life, student organizations that in addition to providing student engagement, reach out to serve our beautiful communities. With our beloved institution approaching its 100-year anniversary, there are traditions that are rich and powerful, and that have withstood the test of time.  

Through its 96 years of history, TJC has proudly celebrated the Apache Spirit — Apaches, synonymous with “fierce warrior.”

Over time, our students, faculty, staff and community have been fierce in their pursuit of leadership and service to everyone.

For centuries, the Apache people — proud hunters, warriors and artisans — passed their history, teachings and traditions from generation to generation. So important was the education of the Apache young in the ways of their people that the very survival of their nation depended on it.

Respected by Native Americans for its power, intuition, victory, healing, nobility, recollection, cleansing, visionary power, and guardianship qualities, the hawk was often a spirit guide to the Apache tribe.

In the spirit of teaching and guiding our students into their own future, and while fostering principles of truth, honor, and integrity, the hawk — specifically the Harris’s Hawk — has now been chosen by Apache Nation to be our spirit guide.

For it is in that spirit, that we teach, learn, and grow in wisdom and in knowledge.

The hawk embodies the spirit of the TJC Apaches. It is the spirit within each of us. It is the spirit of TJC.

The Apache and the Harris’s Hawk — one of man and the other of nature — now synonymous symbols to represent the spirit and pride that lives in each one of us.

We are proud to be TJC. We’re proud to be Apaches. And today we welcome the hawk as a guide to the Apache Nation to share in TJC’s history and vision.

Every year we provide more than 12,000 students the chance to obtain a higher education, but also the chance to be a part of a family of likeminded leaders. 

Today as Apaches, we are adding to the TJC Family and Legacy as we introduce TJC’s mascot.

Welcome, Harry the Hawk.

Feathers Up, as it is a great day to be an Apache!

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