Campus Carry

The 84th Legislative Session, Senate Bill 11, Campus Carry law concerning concealed handguns was effective August 1, 2016 for universities and four-year colleges.  For Tyler Junior College and other community colleges, the law will not take effect until a year later on August 1, 2017.

The 84th Legislative Session, House Bill 910, Open Carry law took effect in the state of Texas on January 1, 2016 and does not apply to universities or college campuses, therefore the open carry of handguns is not allowed on campus property.

During the coming fiscal year, Tyler Junior College will be conducting open forums where students, faculty, and staff can obtain additional information on the laws and provide recommendations and comments pertaining to the designation of restricted gun-free zones on campus.  A college website where comments and suggestions can be provided will also be developed.

Please attend the Campus Carry forums on your campus when they are announced and call Campus Police (903 510-2258) with questions pertaining to the new laws.