Winter and Spring Enrollment is Underway!

Winter Classes

Residence Hall Cost

The rates below are the room cost for a 16 week semester per each resident. For 12 week or 8 week assignments, the 16-week semester cost is pro-rated. The cost of the mandatory meal plan is a separate charge and is also pro-rated for a shorter semester. 

Coed by Floor or by Wing
Crossroads Hall Fall 2021: $2,970/semester
Ornelas Hall Complex Fall 2021: $2,800/semester
Coed by Floor
Bateman Hall Fall 2021: $1,600/semester
All Female
Vaughn Hall Fall 2021: $1,600/semester
Hudnall Hall Fall 2021: $1,600/semester
Sledge Hall Fall 2021: $1,600/semester
Claridge Hall Fall 2021: $1,600/semester
All Male
Holley Hall Fall 2021: $1,600/semester
Mandatory Meal Plan Fall 2021: $1,350

All prices subject to change.

Payment Options

When a room assignment is made, the Housing charges are placed on the student's TJC account. All charges can be seen on the student's Apache Access account. The Housing charges must be paid, or arrangements to pay must be completed, prior to move-in. Payments can be made through the TJC Cashier's Office located on the first floor of WASC. There are 4 ways to pay the Housing charges.

  • Scholarships and Performance Grants - contact the Scholarship office on campus
  • Out of Pocket or Private Pay – the complete amount paid before move-in
  • Installment Plan - established through Business Services
  • Financial Aid - provide Housing with a copy of the Financial Aid award letter