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Registration is open for Winter and Spring terms. Classes at TJC are offered in-person, online or hybrid. Masks are required at all TJC facilities.

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Apply for Housing

Apply for Housing

Spring 2021

Current Fall 2020 Residents DO NOT need to complete a Spring 2021 application. Your assignment is for the academic year. 

For new resident students, find the TJC Spring 2021 Housing application on Apache Access. Completing the TJC Admissions application does not guarantee you a room on-campus 

  • Spring 2021 Application Opens – Sept. 15 
  • Spring 2021 Placement Begins – Nov. 16 
  • Spring 2021 New Residents Move In – Jan. 8 & 9 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Go to the TJC Housing application. You'll need an A-Number to log in. Completing the TJC Admissions application does not guarantee you a room on-campus. Only Applicants who complete the housing application process will be assigned. Placement is done based on the date the Housing application process is complete.

Applying and completing your Housing file early improves the possibility of getting a room on campus. TJC affiliated teams and groups (Honors, Band, Belles) have rooms blocked by sponsors and coaches. The housing application process must be completed by all TJC affiliated group members. A $100 one-time, non-refundable Application Processing fee is required for 1st-time applicants. This fee cannot be paid by Financial Aid or Scholarships.

The application steps are listed below.