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Frequently asked questions

How can I request a grade replacement or grade forgiveness?

You don't request a grade replacement. You must retake the course that you wish to get a better grade in. Students may only repeat a course for credit and apply grade forgiveness/replacement to the course for which they received a grade of D or F. The course must be taken at TJC. Students have two attempts to improve the grade in the course. Credit will be given for only one of the attempts. If a student repeats a course and receives a higher grade, the semester credit hours from the original grade of D or F are excluded from the student’s grade point average. Only the semester credit hours from the highest grade will be used in calculating the GPA. Major topic courses which are required to repeat for certain majors are exempt from this policy. Students who are not successful after the third attempt will no longer be able to complete the course through TJC. If the student earns the same grade or a lower grade, then the repeated course grade is not used in computing the GPA. The repeated course is marked as excluded on the student’s official record in earned hours. Receipt of a higher grade in a subsequent semester does not alter the student’s academic standing in the semester when the original grades were earned. All course attempts are recorded on the student’s transcript.

For more questions, please contact your advisor.