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Frequently asked questions

Does submitting a Housing Application guarantee me a space?

No, it does not. Only applicants who have a complete housing application file and are registered for at least 12 class hours are able to be considered for placement:

  • For an application to qualify as a complete file, the application must be in Approved status. Residential Life and Housing can only approve an application if the applicant completed a background check with a clear result. The only exception to this is international students (who are confirmed by Admissions to be international). International students are already considered to have a cleared background that has been verified through the Visa process.
  • Before we seek an open room to assign a student to, we must also confirm with the registrar’s office that the student is registered for enough class hours to count as full time.
  • Eligible applicants are placed based on the date the housing application file is approved. For the fall semester, those who apply after the March 1st priority placement deadline with a completed application file will be automatically put on a waiting list.

We cannot guarantee a room assignment to any applicant. Not only does it depend on the student’s eligibility, it also depends on room availability. The earlier a student submits their housing application, the better their chances of being assigned into a room before we reach full capacity.