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Frequently asked questions

What is an Early Admissions (EA) Hold? Why do I have an EA Hold on my account?

An Early Admission (or EA) Hold is on every dual credit or early admission student’s file in order to restrict students from registering for classes, either online or through an academic advisor. Each dual credit or early admission student must be manually registered in order for the student to receive the appropriate high school and college credit. Graduating high school seniors must stop by or call the Dual Credit Office for the hold to be lifted and their admissions file updated.

Other holds placed on dual credit/early admissions students accounts upon entering TJC are: High School Transcript Hold (HT) and Immunization-Meningitis (ME). Students taking classes on the TJC campus, whether in person or online, must submit their Immunization record showing that they have had the Meningitis vaccination within the past 5 years.  Students taking classes at their high school campus do not need to submit their meningitis record until they plan to attend classes on the TJC campus.

High School Transcript Holds will remain on the students account until the student graduates high school and submits an official high school transcript showing date of graduation.

Please note that only the High School Transcript hold will keep a student's transcript from being sent out. If a student has an EA hold or ME hold, that will not keep a transcript from being sent if TJC has received the student's official high school transcript.

If the student has other holds on their account, it is the responsibility of the student to see the appropriate department in lifting those holds.

Common Holds:

  • Advising Hold (AD Hold)– See your academic advisor
  • Business Services Hold – Contact the Business Office
  • Library Fines, Parking Fines – Fines payable at the Cashier’s office
  • High School Transcript Hold – Send Official High School transcript with date of graduation to the Admissions Office

For additional questions and information, please call 903-510-2716 or email: