Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I know something will come up on my background check?

Our clinical affiliates require background checks as part of their screening process for admission into the clinical environment, potential interns as well as employees. Once an applicant submits a background check on line, the company emails the results of that background check to a secured account at the college.

There are three possible results (based on the criteria of the company doing the background check, not the TJC EMSP or the clinical affiliates) the college could receive: Green, Yellow or Red. If the results show Green, the check is clear and no further action is required. If the result shows Yellow or Red, the college must submit a detailed summary of the background check to each of our affiliates for them to use in determining if they will allow an applicant access to their facilities. If even one site declines access, the applicant will be unable to complete the clinical portion of the class. This would then make the applicant unable to pass the course and apply for NREMT certification or apply for a Texas license.

If you think or you know there are items that will show up on your official background check, and you want to know if any past event or record would keep you from accessing the clinical affiliates, prospective students are encouraged to pay for the same background check as students who are already registered for the class or course would be required to do. Yes, there is a cost involved that is the responsibility of the prospective student. When the results are complete, the college will redact the prospective student’s identity and submit the background check to the clinical affiliates in the same manner the college would for a currently enrolled student, and await the decisions of the clinical affiliates. The college will not offer “advise” based on the results of a background check.

Prospective students should also know the State of Texas requires a separate background check, in addition to the one used for EMT or Paramedic classes, as part of the application and licensure process. The State reviews each background check issue and makes a determination on a case-by-case basis. It is important to note that neither the college nor the clinical affiliates have any input in, influence on or control over, the State’s decision to grant or deny a license based on the results of a background check. The only way you would know if you would pass the State’s required background check is to submit an application for a license. The only way to submit an application for licensures to complete either an EMT class or Paramedic program. Please see additional information on the State’s website at