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Frequently asked questions

What are the job opportunities for a sign language interpreter?

Sign Language interpreting is a rapidly expanding field, and there is a strong need for qualified interpreters with credentials. Traditionally many interpreters found work within the education system, either K-12 or the post-secondary setting and with the recent legislative change requiring educational interpreters to hold certification the need for certified interpreters continues to grow. Some interpreters work for non-profit, or privately owned agencies where they find themselves working in a variety of situations throughout any given day, including, but not limited to, community, medical, legal, and governmental agency settings. Video Relay Interpreting is another option for sign language interpreters who hold advanced levels of certification. Advanced certification is required for Tri-Lingual and Court interpreters. Locally, Tyler Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center (, East Texas Center for Independent Living (ETCIL) hires community interpreters and the school districts, colleges and universities hire interpreters. Check the area where you live or plan to live for more information on the available jobs for interpreters.