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Frequently asked questions

How many credits may be transferred to TJC from another school in order to receive a degree from TJC?

Please see in particular item #4. It depends on what major you are trying to receive on how many hours that degree is required to be taken at TJC. The following general requirements must be met by all students receiving associate degrees, certificates, or awards:

  1. The student must apply for a degree, certificate, or award in the appropriate advising office by the published deadline.
  2. The student must complete the required credit hours with an average grade of at least “C” (2.0) CGPA for completion.
  3. The student must complete at least 60 credit hours to earn an associate degree. Minimum credit hour requirement for certificates or awards vary.
  4. For degree, certificate, or award completion, at least 25 percent of the credit semester hours must be earned through instruction completed at Tyler Junior College.
  5. Students must satisfy the Texas Success Initiative (TSI*) requirements specified for the degree, certificate, or award sought.