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Consumer Information Dissemination Requirements

Tyler Junior College is required by 34 CFR Part 668.41 through 668.48 to disseminate a list of items of information that must be readily available to students, employees, and prospective students and employees and where that information can be found. The following is a list of information that is available and where it can be obtained:

  1. General Information about Tyler Junior College — TJC Catalog, Student Handbook, Employee Handbook
  2. Academic Programs and student attainment:
    • Names of the associations, agencies, governmental bodies that accredit, approve or license TJC and our programs and a copy of this accreditation, licensure or approval—TJC Catalog
    • Special facilities and services available to disabled students — TJC Catalog, Student Handbook
    • Offered degree programs, training and other education — TJC Catalog
    • GED program available — Continuing Education Catalog
    • Facilities associated with academic programs — TJC Catalog, Student Handbook
    • List of faculty and other instructional personnel — TJC Catalog, Personnel Directory
    • TJC policy and criteria on transfer of credit and list of schools with established articulation agreements — TJC Catalog
    • TJC student body diversity by gender and ethnicity of full-time students who receive Federal Pell Grants — Office of Institutional Research, or in the Student Right to Know Information available at /CIDR.
    • Information on placement and types of employment obtained by TJC graduates who received degrees and certificates — This data is published by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and is available at the following link:
    • Retention rates of certificate-or-degree-seeking first-time full-time undergraduate students— Student Right to Know Information. (CIDR)
  3. Requirements for officially withdrawing from the school — TJC Catalog
  4. What federal financial aid is available to students — Financial Aid Handbook, TJC Catalog, TJC Financial Aid Pamphlet, Financial Aid Website
  5. What state and local aid, school aid and private aid is available — Financial Aid Handbook, TJC Catalog, TJC Financial Aid Pamphlet, Financial Aid Website
  6. How students apply for aid and how eligibility is determined — Financial Aid Handbook,TJC Catalog, TJC Financial Aid Pamphlet, Financial Aid Website
  7. Rights and responsibilities of students receiving aid — Financial Aid Handbook, Financial Aid Website
  8. How and when financial aid will be disbursed — Financial Aid Handbook, Financial Aid Website, Apache Access
  9. Criteria for measuring satisfactory academic progress, and how a student who has failed to maintain satisfactory progress may reestablish eligibility for federal financial aid — Financial Aid Handbook, Financial Aid Website
  10. How the school distributes aid among students — Financial Aid Policy and Procedures Manual
  11. Return of federal funds requirements under Title IV — Financial Aid Handbook
  12. Terms and conditions for a student receiving federal education loans to obtain deferments —Financial Aid Website
  13. Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report — Campus Police, Campus Police Web Page (/campuspolice/reports, Apache Access, Student Handbook, Employee Handbook  (This report contains information on the following: Law enforcement authority; Security awareness and crime prevention; Crime reporting; Access, maintenance, and security of campus facilities; Campus procedures for reporting crimes or emergencies; Campus crime statistics; Sex offense awareness, prevention, and reporting; and Drug abuse awareness and prevention; Penalties associated with drug related offenses; Emergency response and evacuation procedures; Fire safety practices and standards; fire statistics)
  14. Missing persons procedures — Campus Police, Campus Police Web Page (/CampusPolice/Reports), Student Handbook, Employee Handbook, Personnel Directory
  15. Option to designate contact person — TJC Admissions Application available at /Apply. Residential Life and Housing Emergency Contact Form for on campus residents and available in the Residential Life Office, and the Tyler Junior College Traveler Information Sheet for TJC coordinated travel of student groups available from trip coordinator and required before the trip
  16. Vaccination policies — Residential Life Office, Handout from Residential Life Office, Residential Life Web Page (, TJC Catalog, Student Handbook
  17. Copyright infringement policies and sanctions — Library Computer Lab Acceptable Use Policy in Library and on Library Web Page (
  18. Textbook information — course syllabus, TJC Bookstore, TJC Bookstore webpage (
  19. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act compliance information — TJC Catalog, Student Handbook, Employee Handbook, Financial Aid Website
  20. Graduation and completion rates—Office of Institutional Research
  21. Terms and conditions of any employment that is part of the financial aid package — Financial Aid Handbook, Board Policy Manual, Student Contract (if applicable)
  22. Terms of, schedules for, and the necessity of loan repayment and required loan exit counseling—Financial Aid Handbook, Loan counseling sessions, Direct notice from the financial aid office, Disclosure statement from lender
  23. Information on preventing drug and alcohol abuse — TJC Catalog, Student Handbook, Employee Handbook, Student Life and Involvement Office, Campus Clinic, Support Services
  24. Information regarding the availability of SFA Program funds for study abroad programs that are approved for credit by the home school — Tyler Junior College does not participate in study abroad programs as stated in the Financial Aid Handbook
  25. Athletic Scholarships and Equity in Athletics Disclosure information — Intercollegiate Athletic Office, or online at and in the Student Right to Know Information available at /CIDR.
  26. Voter Registration Forms-Student Life and Involvement, Student Affairs Office
  27. Sexual Harassment Policy — Policy and Procedures may be found online at in the Board Policy Manual at FLDA(Local). For reporting violations of sexual harassment, contact the Executive Director, Human Resources at 903-510-2307.

This listing is also available in the Financial Aid Handbook, Student Handbook, the Employee Handbook and the TJC web page ( It is also mailed to all students receiving Admissions Acceptance emails. The following information (see #11 above) is printed on postcards and is mailed to all persons receiving Employment Application Receipt Confirmation letters and is available to current employees on Apache Access on the Work Life tab. These postcards are also made readily available in the Human Resources office.