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Tryout Information

Want to become an Apache Belle?

If you are auditioning for the 78th Line of the Apache Belles please complete the application

Audition dates

General Audition Requirements

Submit an application either online through the Tryouts link or by bringing the completed application on the day of auditions

  • Two photographs either attached to the online application on brought the morning of auditions- one in a swimsuit or leotard and the other is a picture of your choice.
  • Three letters of recommendation.  One must be from your current drill/ dance team director and/ or studio instructor.
  • A personal letter addressing the Directors of the Apache Belles detailing why you desire to be an Apache Belle and what you feel you are able to contribute to the team.

*There is NO audition fee.

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Audition Attire

  • Black hot shorts
  • Colored sports bra 
  • Hair down and fixed, but it must not interfere with your dancing (bangs do not have to be pulled back). 
  • Performance makeup with red lipstick
  • Dance tights
  • Nude jazz shoes
  • Nail polish must only be clear or French manicured.
  • No jewelry allowed except for rhinestone earrings.
  • Black hot shorts
  • Black sports bra (may have small emblem)- no embellishments
  • Hair down and fixed to best accentuate your face, but not take away or be a distraction from your dance ability.
  • Performance makeup with red lipstick
  • Dance tights
  • Nude jazz shoes
  • No jewelry allowed except for rhinestone earrings.

Audition Elements and Schedule

Individual Technical Preliminary Round

Each candidate will be asked to execute a variety of turns, leaps, jumps and extensions put into various combinations that will be executed across the floor. These combinations can include any of the following:

  • Triple Pirouette, triple pencil turn, triple coupe turn: Parallel passe’ & executed to the right
  • Double Arabesque turn executed to the right
  • A la Seconde Turns: a minimum of a full eight count executed to the right
  • Leap in second position
  • Calypso with a one chaine turn prior to execution to the right.
  • Switch leap: May select any type of switch leap and may be performed to either side.
  • Leg Extension: should display flexibility. May perform on either leg (Example: Penche, Tilt Extension,  Side Extension, Back Extension, etc.)
  • Right, Left and Center Splits

Day One Post-Preliminary Audition Schedule

Those that make it past the floor preliminary round will learn choreography consisting of an Apache Belle Style High Kick Combination, a Hip Hop Combination, a Jazz combination, and a Contemporary combination. Following the lunch break, all candidates will undergo a Conditioning Evaluation conducted as a circuit workout, including upper body, lower body, abdominal and cardiovascular endurance. Candidates will be evaluated on mental toughness, physical fitness, willpower, and preparation. Each candidate will also be interviewed by a judging panel made up of alumni and other professionals who have a vested interest in TJC.  The interview process will evaluate each candidate in the areas of the comprehensive nature of answers, poise, carriage, and personality traits. 

Day 2 Apache Belle Audition Process

Arrive dressed nicely for your formal introduction to the sophomores and Judges.

After Introductions, Apache Belle Auditions Day 2 will begin with group auditions, including the across-the-floor combinations and all choreography learned on the previous day. Once each group has completed their time, all candidates may be called to the studio for Across the Floor improvisation.

Across the Floor Improvisation -  This portion of the audition process will take place in the presence of all candidates as well as the Sophomore Apache Belles and Judges.  Music will be played and each candidate will need to go across the floor showing any skills that they would like the judges to see. We ask that all candidates do a minimum of 2 full eight counts and no more than 3 full eight counts. All technical skills should be connected with appropriate dance moves.


Tyler Junior College Admission

TJC Academic Scholarships
Each Apache Belle is encouraged to apply for academic scholarships with TJC.  To increase your chances of receiving an academic scholarship, please click here and fill out and submit the required information as soon as possible.

College Application
Please begin the application process now if you plan to audition for the Apache Belles.  You can do this online by going to TJC's Online Application.