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Jazz Ensembles

From rags to swing, latin to rock, funk to fusion, the TJC Jazz Ensembles cover a wide variety of music for any occasion. Currently, TJC offers two 18 piece jazz ensembles and a jazz combo. Auditions occur before every fall semester, and sometimes before the spring semester.

Jazz Ensemble I is the more advanced ensemble with more advanced music and a faster pace. Some previous jazz experience is recommended, but not required for Jazz Ensemble I.

Jazz Ensemble II is designed to help students understand and appreciate jazz. With a slower pace of rehearsal and fewer performance demands, Jazz Ensemble II is perfect for the student who has never played jazz before but wants to give it a try.

The Jazz Combo is a hand-selected group chosen from within Jazz Ensemble I. It is comprised of students who are interested in learning more in-depth knowledge of jazz improvisation.

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All three ensembles enjoy a full slate of performances each semester, including a wide variety of campus and community events. Each year the TJC Jazz Program concentrates on reuniting young students and the community with the uniquely American art form of Jazz. The ensembles are made up of students from many different disciplines from around the campus, who have a passion and love of performing and learning about this great music.

TJC Jazz Festival

Every spring, the TJC Jazz Ensembles host the TJC Jazz Festival. This event provides an opportunity for East Texas middle and high school students to perform with and be critiqued by guest artists who are among the top jazz artists in the country. It also brings to campus a brilliant and talented performer for our audiences to appreciate and enjoy.  Past guest artists have included Miles Osland, John Fedchock, Vince DiMartino, Lou Marini, Ron Wilkins, Joey Tartell, and Mark Mullins.

Join us for TJC's Jazz Festival!