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Concert Bands

Wind Ensemble

Monday/Wednesday, from 1:00 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. and Tuesday/Thursday, from 12:40 p.m. to 1:55 p.m.
Jeremy Strickland, conductor

The Wind Ensemble is the premiere instrumental auditioned concert ensemble within the Department of Music at TJC. It is directed by Jeremy Strickland, assisted by Dr. Eddie W. Airheart, and frequent input/instruction from the applied instrumental faculty. Auditions for the Wind Ensemble occur before the first week of the Fall Semester.

The curricular aims and outcomes for the TJC music ensembles are based on and determined by the various repertoire levels prepared each semester by every ensemble. Because most students come from schools with no formal private lesson program, the repertoire is chosen in consultation and alignment with the overarching goals of each applied private lesson studio professor. Special attention is given to developing and applying higher-level aural skills, advanced rhythmic awareness and training, and technique development through strategically customized warm-up exercises. These exercises are specifically targeted to address the needs of the repertoire as well as the development of the musician. Individual and large group section rehearsals are a normal part of the ensemble’s weekly schedule.

Our concert programs reflect our wide variety of wind literature chosen from a diverse list of composers, genres, and eras. This season, the commissioning of new wind repertoire has become a priority (2022: Kevin Day, Micah Bell), and further collaborative considerations are already being discussed.

The ensemble comprises freshman and sophomore students representing the organic cultural diversity of East Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston metroplexes. 100% of the ensemble’s members receive a scholarship for participation.

The group is open to all students by audition, regardless of major. Auditions are held in August for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester. The wind ensemble meets in both fall and spring semesters and presents concerts both on and off campus. For more audition information, contact Jeremy Strickland at or call 903.510.2242.

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Symphonic Band

Tuesday/Thursday 9:50 - 11:05 a.m.
Jeremy Strickland, conductor

The Symphonic Band is a spring-only band that performs various contrasting works from the standard concert band repertoire.  Members of the sixty-piece ensemble are selected by audition during the month of December. The Symphonic Band presents several concerts each spring semester and is open to all students, regardless of major. For more audition information, contact Jeremy Strickland at or call 903.510.2242.

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