Meet the Ambassadors

The TJC Ambassadors have the privilege of welcoming thousands of prospective students and their families to campus every year! Comprised of students selected for their leadership ability and public speaking skills, the Ambassadors are passionate about TJC. Members participate in special recruiting events, give daily and group tours and correspond with prospective students. If you want to know something about TJC, the Ambassadors are at your disposal. 

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Fall 2018 student ambassadors


Clarissa abella

Abella, Clarissa – Tyler, TX 

J bria christopher

Christopher, J'Bria – Dallas, TX 

Dornell crist

Crist, Dornell – Madisonville, TX 

Justin crowe

Crowe, Justin – Jacksonville, TX 

Jaylon crump

Crump, Jaylon – Midlothian, TX 

Hannah fauss

Fauss, Hannah – Lindale, TX 

Maya gayler

Gayler, Maya – Mesquite, TX 

Sophia hernandez

Hernandez, Sophia – Canyon, TX 

Dajia horton

Horton, Dajia – Round Rock, TX 

Connor mccasland

McCasland, Connor – Tyler, TX 


Munoz, Aimee – Tyler, TX 

Megan oswald

Oswald, Megan – Longview, TX 

Emilee rogers

Rogers, Emilee – Canton, TX 

Payton sadler

Sadler, Payton – Grand Saline, TX 

Shelby smith

Smith, Shelby – Quitman, TX 

Callie tappe

Tappe, Callie – Arlington, TX 

Jayla tillis

Tillis, Jayla – Trinity, TX 

Gaby torres

Torres, Gaby – San Angelo, TX 

Cody wallace

Wallace , Cody – Commerce, TX 

Colton waller

Waller, Colton - New Summerfield, TX 

Jaela wideman

Wideman, Jaela – Tyler, TX