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Meet the Ambassadors

The TJC Ambassadors have the privilege of welcoming thousands of prospective students and their families to campus every year! Comprised of students selected for their leadership ability and public speaking skills, the Ambassadors are passionate about TJC. Members participate in special recruiting events, give daily and group tours, and correspond with prospective students. If you want to know about TJC, the Ambassadors are at your disposal.

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Meet the 2024 Spring Ambassadors  
Juliza Cabrera 2024 Ambassadors

Juliza Cabrera

Jacksonville, TX

Anai castro 2024 Ambassador

Anai Castro

Jacksonville, TX

Ana Clara Koifman 2024 Ambassador

Ana Koifman

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Bo Mills 2024 Ambassador


Bo Mills

Edgewood, TX


Selina Cortes Pedraza 2024 Ambassador


Selina Cortes Pedraza

Mount Airy, NC


Mallory Tucker 2024 Ambassador


Mallory Tucker

Tyler, TX



Arleth Mendoza 2024 Ambassador


Arleth Mendoza

Mabank, TX


Crystal Pulido 2024 Ambassador


Crystal Pulido

Tyler, TX


Daniela Nunez 2024 Ambassador


Daniela Nunez

Kilgore, TX


Fernando Shareef 2024 Ambassador


Fernando Shareef

Athens, TX


Landon Martin 2024 Ambassador


Landon Martin

Marshall, TX


Loraine Shoemaker 2024 Ambassador


Loraine Shoemaker

Hallsville, TX


Samarah Bosley 2024 Ambassador


Samarah Bosley

Shreveport, LA


Skye Alejandre 2024 Ambassador


Skye Alejandre

Whitehouse, TX


Delaney Moses 2024 Ambassador


Delaney Moses

Kilgore, TX


Juan Najera 2024 Ambassador


Juan Najera

Springtown, TX