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Fire Academy

Enrollment Standards

If you're interested in attending the Basic Fire Suppression Academy, you must meet the enrollment standards set forth by the NFPA 1001-2008 Standards for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications. The Texas Commission on Fire Protection and National Fire Protection Association establish these standards and do not provide for any exceptions. Please review them carefully.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees for this course cover the cost of all uniforms, bunker gear, books and other equipment that cadets will be responsible for supplying.  Space is limited, so please register early.

Tuition for the Fire Academy is covered under VA benefits and the Texas Hazlewood Act.

Basic Fire Suppression Academy

As a graduate, you may receive certification in Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II, Hazmat Awareness and Hazmat Operations after passing the TCFP Exam administered at the end of the course. You also qualify for national accreditation by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) when all four exam parts are mastered.

The application must be submitted on or before the application deadline. You will be notified by mail regarding your status in the TJC Fire Academy. Admission to the Fire Academy is based upon a highly competitive process. Preference will be given to an applicant’s level of education, experience and affiliation with a Municipal, volunteer fire department or rescue unit.

Housing is now available for men and women accepted to the onsite Fire Academy.  Two Smith County volunteer fire departments have living quarters. If you need housing, please let us know and we will forward information about our Bunk-In Program. The cost is $1,200 for the duration of the Academy.

How to Apply

Special admission and retention rules apply to all Fire Protection Technology program portions. See the department chair or department coordinator for details. Admission to the program is selective and prior acceptance to the program is required before enrollment.

After applying to TJC, please submit the following selective admissions application and Fire Academy application:

Class Information and Schedule

Fire Academy Class Information
All terms MTWRF 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Physical Training      TMF 6 a.m. – 7 a.m.
RTDC 148 Tuition and Fees include Uniforms, Bunker gear, Books and supplies.  
Academy Start Date Application Deadline
Hybrid #6 Aug. 28, 2023 July 23, 2023
#25 Jan. 16, 2024 Nov. 15, 2023
Hybrid #7 Jan. 16, 2024 Nov. 15, 2023
#26 Aug. 26, 2024 June 28, 2024
Hybrid #8 Aug. 26, 2024 June 28, 2024

For complete information, please get in touch with the Fire Academy Director, Andy King, at 903-510-3205 or Jeff Akin at 903-510-2594 at TJC West, 1530 SSW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701-2546 for any questions. You can also visit our Facebook page.

Awarded Credit Hours

Once you successfully pass the firefighter licensing exam, apply and enroll at TJC, you may be awarded up to 24 hours of college credit. These hours apply to an AAS, Fire Science at TJC and are not transferable.

The Fire Protection Technology Associates, Applied Science Degree also offers this course. You can view the degree plan by visiting:

FIRS1003 Firefighter Agility and Fitness Preparation
FIRS1001 Firefighter Certification I
FIRS1007 Firefighter Certification II
FIRS1013 Firefighter Certification III
FIRS1019 Firefighter Certification IV
FIRS1023 Firefighter Certification V
FIRS1029 Firefighter Certification VI
FIRS1033 Firefighter Certification VII

For more information about both career paths, you may contact:

Andy King
Fire Academy Director
(903) 510-3205

Jeff Akin
Fire Protection Technology Coordinator
(903) 510-2594