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Andrea Valdez

I love how everyone at TJC tries to help me as much as they can, and it’s so cool to see how people actually care about you and really do what they say.”

Andrea Valdez
News anchor/reporter, TJC Class of 2021

Victoria Hoover Testimonial sized

“Because of my time at TJC, I continued to achieve excellent grades and now have a 4.0 at SFA State University. I was better prepared for upper-division classes than many of my classmates.”

Victoria Hoover
TJC graduate

Julianne Casey testimonial sized

"Without my experience at TJC, I never would have been able to go as far as I have in my career."

Julianne Casey
Opera singer, TJC Class of 2016

Degree & Certificate Pathways

Unsure of what to choose for a major? That's ok! Pathways help you find a direction without getting too specific. Start taking courses that work towards your broad goal while figuring out what you would like to specialize in.

TJC nursing students Welding student A person giving a presentation at a business meeting People putting their hands into the middle of a circle A person delivering a speech An industrial engineer inspecting equipment in the field

Want to make a difference through medical care? Does the human body intrigue you? If so, the Healthcare Professions Pathway could be for you.

Are you naturally good with your hands? Are you constantly working on a DIY project? If so, the Manufacturing, Transportation & Industry Pathway could be right for you.

Are you full of innovative ideas? Are you driven to find money-making solutions to everyday problems? If so, the Business & Entrepreneurship Pathway could be right for you.

Do you dream of a world where people are free from addictions? Do you connect with kids and enjoy helping them learn new skills? If so, the Public Service Pathway could be right for you.

Do you dream of running an art studio? Do people tell you that you have a way with words? If so, the Creative & Communication Arts Pathway could be right for you.

Are you strong in math or science? Do you always wonder how things work? Do people come to you when they have a question about technology? If so, the Science and Technology Pathway could be right for you.

Comprehensive Master Plan

Our master planning efforts address development needs for TJC’s Central campus and additional sites.

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