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PATHway to Comfort Food Pantry

PATHway to Comfort Food Pantry

A partnership between TJC and PATH, the PATHway to Comfort provides food security and addresses the essential needs of our students.

Food Pantry and Essential Services

Location: 1121 S Baxter Ave. - (on the end of Claridge Hall, at the corner of Lake and Baxter)
Hours of Operation: Wednesdays, 10:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Phone: 903-510-2526

We have reserved parking in front of the pantry (yellow striped area).

This Service is available to all students, for free, on an as-needed basis. No appointment or pre-order is necessary.

Deodorant at the food pantry
Snacks at the food pantry
Fruit cocktail at the food pantry
Ramen Noodles at the pantry
Chicken salad at the food pantry
Toothpaste at the food pantry

About PATH

PATH continues to bridge the gap in our community between kind and generous people with abundant resources and our neighbors who are in need. PATH volunteers and staff live out their faith daily by serving over 20,000 people each year from Smith and surrounding counties with immediate and longer-term programs and services with a very personalized approach. 

Ask a PATHway to comfort volunteer for more information about PATH, or visit their website at