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The TJC Academy of Dance offers pre-professional level training in a variety of dance forms to students of all ages and skill levels. Courses aim to emphasize correct body alignment, discipline, strength development, coordination, and flexibility through knowledge of proper technique. Our students have gone on to dance in professional dance companies around the United States, as well as receive scholarships to study dance at major universities.

Types of Courses


Our ballet courses emphasize proper body placement, ballet vocabulary, and proper execution of classical ballet exercises and steps. You'll also become familiarized with the history and development of ballet in Europe and the United States. Classes are taught for students 8 and up, and for all skill levels.

Ballet Dancers performing at TJC
Male dancer jumping high into the air

Modern Dance

These courses explore the technique of modern dance by using structures, alignment, breathing/relaxation, and dynamics of movement. Our modern dance program aims to familiarize you with a wide range of styles and movements and focus on the Graham and Horton techniques. We offer courses for all skill levels that cover everything from beginner concepts to highly detailed combinations and phrase work.

Movement and Exercise

We offer courses that emphasize proper movement and conditioning, including pilates, yoga, and dance conditioning. These courses are designed to increase flexibility and technique, improve strength, and aid pain management for all ages and activity levels.

Pilates class