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Registration is open for Winter and Spring terms. Classes at TJC are offered in-person, online or hybrid. Masks are required at all TJC facilities.

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School of Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences

Boucher cliff 2017

Welcome to the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences. Our school not only offers STEM career fields at TJC but we also offer the first two years in Social Sciences.

Our 13 programs are challenging and rewarding, and will give you a lifetime of knowledge that will help you to become more successful in your chosen profession.          

We have very qualified full-time and part-time professors, many with Doctorates, but all are experts in their discipline—second to none.  Their passion is not only to enlighten students in their particular field, but also encourage students to become lifetime learners.

Whether you’re looking to start your college or professional career, the School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Sciences is a smart first choice.

Dr. Cliff Boucher
Dean, School of Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences