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Degrees Offered - Paralegal (AAS)

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Begin a professional career in the legal field by earning an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. 

Students who successfully complete our paralegal program are equipped with the skills necessary for an entry-level paralegal position. Paralegals, sometimes called legal assistants, work under the supervision of an attorney and perform many tasks traditionally performed by attorneys. For example, paralegals may interview clients and witnesses, conduct investigations, perform legal research, organize and analyze data, assist in all stages of the trial process, prepare for and assist at real estate closings and will executions, maintain corporate and other entity records, and draft pleadings and other legal documents. Paralegals must work under the supervision of an attorney; paralegals are not allowed to give legal advice, set legal fees, represent clients, appear in court on behalf of a client, or to provide independent legal services. 

Paralegals are employed by private law firms, corporations, banks, real estate and title companies, governmental agencies, insurance companies, estate planning and investment service organizations, hospitals, public interest and legal aid organizations, and of course, the offices of public defenders, district attorneys, judges, and the courts. 

Our paralegal classes utilize a hands-on approach and are taught by licensed attorneys in classes with small student-to-faculty ratios. With the exception of two classes, the paralegal program can be completed online. 

Upon graduation, paralegal students are encouraged to seek voluntary certification with the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) or the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA). 

An associate’s degree in paralegal studies is an excellent stepping stone for a rewarding legal career. 

Catalog Year
Degree Type
Available Online
Available Hybrid
Degree Plan
Major Courses 39 Credits

LGLA 1119 Paralegal Ethics 


LGLA 1311 Introduction to Law


ITSW 1301 Introduction to Word Processing


LGLA 1403 Legal Research


LGLA 2305 Interviewing and Investigating


POFI 2340 Advanced Word Processing


LGLA 1405 Legal Writing


LGLA 1349 Constitutional Law


LGLA 1345 Civil Litigation


ACNT 1303 Introduction to Accounting I OR
ACCT 2301 Principles of Accounting - Financial


LGLA 2307 Law Office Management


LGLA 2311 Business Organizations


LGLA 2380 Cooperative—Legal Assistant/ Paralegal OR
Approved LGLA Elective*

General Education Courses 21 Credits

Every Associate of Applied Science degree plan must contain at least 15 semester hours of general education courses. At least one course must be taken from each of the following areas: humanities/fine arts (language, philosophy & culture/creative arts), social/behavioral science (social and behavioral sciences/American history/government/ political science), and natural science/mathematics (life and physical sciences/mathematics).

Major Courses: 39
General Education Courses: 21
Total Semester Hours: 60

Recommended Course Sequence:

First Semester Credit Hours

LGLA 1119 Paralegal Ethics (#)


GOVT 2305 Federal Government


LGLA 1311 Introduction to Law (#)


ITSW 1301 Introduction to Word Processing


ENGL 1301 Composition I

MATH 1314 College Algebra OR 
MATH 1332 OR
MATH 1342
Second Semester Credit Hours

ENGL 1302 Composition II OR

ENGL 2311


GOVT 2306 Texas Government


LGLA 1403 Legal Research (+)


LGLA 2305 Interviewing and Investigating (+)


POFI 2340 Advanced Word Processing

Third Semester Credit Hours

LGLA 1405 Legal Writing (#)


LGLA 1349 Constitutional Law (#)


LGLA 1345 Civil Litigation (#)


SPCH 1321 Business and Professional Speaking OR
SPCH 1321

ACNT 1303 Introduction to Accounting I OR
ACCT 2301
Fourth Semester Credit Hours

LGLA 2307 Law Office Management (+)


LGLA 2311 Business Organizations (+)


XXXX x3xx Lang., Phil. & Culture Core OR

Creative Arts Core


LGLA 2380 Cooperative Education -
Legal Assistant/Paralegal OR
LGLA 1353 OR
LGLA 1355 OR
LGLA 2313 OR
LGLA 2315 OR
LGLA 2333 OR
LGLA 2337

Total Semester Hours 60

Courses titled in bold type represent general education requirements.

*Approved Electives: LGLA 1353, 1355, 2313, 2315, 2333 and 2337. (LGLA elective course offerings may vary by year and semester.)

NOTE: Some courses are only offered during Fall or Spring semesters but not both. Please plan accordingly.
# Indicates course only taught in the fall semester
+ Indicates course only taught in the spring semester