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Degrees Offered - Instrumentation, Electrical and Controls Fundamentals (Certificate)

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Our IE&C (Instrumentation, Electrical, and Controls) certificate program in Electrical/Electronic Controls leverages your 1st year training to an industrial technician level and trains you for above entry-level employment in an exhilarating Automation Technician industry through concentrated classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory work.

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Degree Type
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Degree Plan
Prerequisite Semester Credit Hours
TECM 1303 Technical Calculations 3
IEIR 1302 Introduction to Direct Current Circuits 3
CETT 1321 Electronic Fabrication 3
ELPT 1325 National Electrical Code I 3
IEIR 1304 Alternating Current Circuits for Industrial Applications 3
CETT 1325 Digital Fundamentals 3
Total 18
Fall Semester Credit Hours
ELPT 2305 Motors and Transformers 3
INCR 1302 Physics of Instrumentation 3
INTC 1341 Principles of Automatic Control 3
ELPT 2319 Programmable Logic Controllers I 3


Spring Semester Credit Hours
ELPT 1345 Commercial Wiring 3
ENER 2325 SCADA and Networking 3
ELPT 2347 Electrical Testing and Maintenance 3