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Degrees Offered - Medical Coding (Certificate)

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Medical coding specialists play an essential role in the business of healthcare. Using alphanumeric diagnosis and procedure codes, they communicate critical information about medical conditions and treatments. Correct coding ensures proper recording of a patient's medical conditions, verification of the provider’s services, and appropriate reimbursement by payers for those services. 

Additionally, codes are used to monitor public health threats, such as diabetes or measles outbreaks, to track provider performance and to identify potential areas of financial or medical fraud or abuse within the healthcare industry. Medical coding specialists must review a patient’s medical record and will, at times, talk to the patient’s healthcare provider or research payer policies to uncover missing information. When coding is done properly, patients, providers, and payers all benefit. 

AHIMA offers a certification: the entry-level Certified Coding Associate (CCA), for which a student would be eligible to take the exam upon completion of the Medical Coding Certificate. 

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Recommended Course Sequence:

Summer Credit Hours
BCIS 1405 Business Computer Applications 4
BIOL 2401 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
HITT 1305 Medical Terminology I 3
First Semester Credit Hours
BIOL 2402 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
HPRS 2301 Pathophysiology 3
HITT 1301 Health Data Content and Structure (#)  3
HITT 1341 Coding and Classification Systems (#) 3
Second Semester Credit Hours
POFM 1300 Basic Medical Coding 3
HITT 1311 Health Information Systems (+) 3
HITT 2346 Advanced Medical Coding (+) 3
HITT 2335 Coding & Reimbursement Methodologies (+)  3
Total Semester Hours 36

Note: Some courses are only offered during Fall or Spring semesters but not both. Please plan accordingly.
# Indicates course only taught in the fall semester
+ Indicates course only taught in the spring semester