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Degrees Offered - Ophthalmic Medical Assisting (Certificate)

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An ophthalmic assistant is a medical technician that specializes in working with ophthalmologists and optometrists. They serve these eye doctors in much the same way that a nurse assists a general practitioner. As an ophthalmic assistant you will perform eye and vision tests aimed at diagnosing ocular ailments, disorders and other problems. You may also administer vision tests on patients in order to determine visual ability and eye-muscle function. Additionally, you will educate patients on the proper use of contact lenses and eyeglasses. Many assistants, depending on the size of the practice, may be asked to apply eye dressings and aid ophthalmologists in surgical procedures. 

Our program and faculty will help you be successful in this field. By teaching practical experience with combined scientific and clinical skills, we provide you the opportunity to work well with patients. 

Catalog Year
Degree Type
Available Online
Available Hybrid
Degree Plan
First Semester  

OPTS 1311 The Visual System


OPTS 2341 Ophthalmic Techniques


OPTS 1501 Ophthalmic Dispensing


OPTS 1315 Basic Contact Lenses

OPTS 1305 Geometric Optics

OPTS 1292 Special Topics in Optical Technician/Assistant

Second Semester  

OPTS 2345 Advanced Ophthalmic Techniques


OPTS 2531 Advanced Ophthalmic Dispensing


OPTS 2335 Advanced Contact Lenses


OPTS 1309 Ophthalmic Laboratory I

OPTS 2166 Ophthalmic Practicum I  1

OPTS 1319 Vision Care Office Procedures

Summer I  

OPTS 2266 Ophthalmic Practicum II

Total Semester Hours 39

All technical courses in the degree curriculum must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better to receive the certificate. Having not made a grade of “C” or better in any technical course, the student may not be allowed to continue taking technical courses until that deficiency is satisfied.