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Arts Festival

Artsfest logo 2023

The TJC Arts Festival is a collaboration of TJC’s art, music, theatre, communication studies, dance, visual communications, and honors departments, as well as The Bell Tower Arts Journal, International Day, and the Tyler Museum of Art. Nearly all of the events are free although tickets are necessary for the Theatre production of "Metamorphoses" and the Dance production of "Cinderella".

Events include performances, exhibits, student film screenings, guest speakers, and more at various times and locations across the TJC campus and at the Tyler Museum of Art.

Student involvement is key to the festival’s success; and each year, a competition is held among TJC students, to create an original Arts Festival logo. This year’s winner was Jaclyn Walker, a sophomore game and simulation development major from Chandler.

TJC’s 31st annual International Day will be held Tuesday, April 18, in the Apache Rooms of Rogers Student Center. In addition to an up-close look at music, food, and customs from around the world, the event will also include an opportunity for visitors to renew or apply for U.S. passports.

The festival will offer performances, exhibits, guest speakers and more, at various times and locations across the TJC campus and at the Tyler Museum of Art. All events are open to the public, but tickets are required for some performances.

Saxophone player in the TJC Jazz band
Print makers at TJC Arts Festival
Speech performance at TJC Arts Festival
Story telling at TJC Arts Festival
TJC Theatre presents Hamlet
Choir spring concert at TJC arts festival

Arts Festival Calendar of Events

Extended Events

Art Club Food Drive

  • Jenkins Hall Art Department Lobby
  • April 1 – April 29 

Tyler Museum of Art April Exhibitions

  • Childhood Shenanigans: Works by Lee N. Smith III
    • April 1 – April 23
  • 19th Annual High School Art Exhibition
    • April 1 – April 30

Glass Case Gallery Exhibition

  • Jayce Wierzbicki | Glass Case Gallery
    • April 10 - May 5

The Beauty of Art and Medicine VI exhibition

  • RNHS Bldg., Faulconer Floor
    • On View Through April