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GED 2014 - Start Date April 9, 2014

We will be launching the new version of the GED on April 9, 2014. If you had started but did not complete the GED prior to December 31, 2013, you will be required to take and pass the new 2014 version of the GED.

In order to take the GED tests, you must:

  • Have a valid government issued photo ID (see below).
  • Be a Texas resident 18 or older with a Texas address
  • Be a 17 year old with parental permission
  • Not be enrolled in high school
  • Not be a high school graduate

A valid government issued ID:

  • Must include a date of birth, photograph and signature
  • May include the following:
    • State Driver’s License
    • Department of Public Safety ID Card
    • Military ID
    • Passport
    • U.S. Passport Card
    • Matricula Consular Card
  • Does not include:
    • Credit or Debit Cards
    • School ID Cards

Fees for the GED 2014 Test:

In the state of Texas, there is a $33.75 fee attached to each of the four GED subject areas, for a total of $135.00. Please note that this must be paid with a credit card at the time you register for the test.

Registering for your GED tests:

GED has made registering for your exams quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is sign up for a MyGED account at http://www.ged.com.

Within your MyGED, you will to access information on testing rules and regulations, request accommodations and schedule your exams.

With MyGED, you can schedule your exams 24-7. When you login, you will click on the Schedule Test link at the top of the page. You will then have the opportunity to choose the subject, day, time and location that works best for you.

Note to examinees under the age of 18:

If you are under 18 years of age, you are required to submit forms to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for approval prior to registering for the GED 2014 tests. These forms can be accessed at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/gedforms.html.

After filling out the the forms, please save them to your computer. In order to send the documents to TEA, you will need to develop an account with Accellion at https://sendfiles.tea.state.tx.us/. Once the account is set up, you will use the Accellion email function to email your documents to TEA at ged@tea.state.tx.us

GED Sections and Time Limits:

The 2014 version of the GED is offered on the computer and includes the following four parts:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts (150 minutes including a 10 minute break)
  • Social Studies (90 minutes)
  • Science (90 minutes)
  • Mathematical Reasoning (90 minutes)

For the Mathematical Reasoning section of the exam, you must use the embedded calculator on the computer and are not allowed to use a hand-held calculator unless it is an approved accommodation.

GED 2014 Scoring:

With the 2014 GED Test series, the scores range from 100 to 200. To earn a Certificate of High School Equivalency for the state of Texas, you must attain a minimum of 150 on each of the four exams. Thus, you will need to reach a score of at least 150 on each part and a total score of 600 across the four-part test in order to receive your GED® Certificate of High School Equivalency.

You will be able to view your scores at the end of the day you tested. All you have to do is log back into http://www.ged.com (MyGED) and click on the ‘My Scores’ link.

Retake Policy:

For the 2014 GED test, you can take the first three attempts per subject area without wait time restrictions. However, all subsequent attempts are subject to a 60-day waiting period between attempts.

GED Study Classes at TJC:

Call the Literacy Council at 903.533.0330 for class information. It is not necessary to take classes but classes would help you better prepare for the GED test.

GED Dates and Location

GED test dates and times are Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and one Saturday each month beginning at 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We are located at:
TJC - West Campus
1530 SSW Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701
Phone: 903-510-2913

Short URL to this page: www.tjc.edu/GED