Tyler Junior College

Promise Number One: A Quality Education


Tyler Junior College offers courses and programs for transferable college credit, college credit designed for immediate workforce entry upon completion, and courses for career preparation, career enhancement and personal interest.

For a list of all of our subject areas that are offered, please see our Degree Plans page. Some subjects offer more than one degree and/or certificate, so make sure you visit each subject's page for more information. You can also see all of the degree plans and certificates offered in our TJC Catalog.

We also have satellite sites that provide the opportunity to take TJC classes at other locations.

  • Lindale
  • Rusk
  • Jacksonville

Courses are offered in a traditional classroom setting, by Instructional Television, online, hybrid (a mix of traditional classroom and online) and in some cases, on-site.

Our Honors Program allows students to create a more challenging program of study.

Our Concurrent Enrollment program allows students in high school to receive college credit, sometimes in settings that also provide high school credit.

Students may also be awarded credit by examination. For specific information about credit by exam, contact the Testing Center at 903-510-2388.

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