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Frequently Asked Questions: Living on Campus

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Living on Campus FAQs

Q: Am I eligible to live on-campus?

Q: How can I pay for on-campus housing?

Q: What is the cost to live on campus?

Q: Does submitting a Housing Application guarantee me a space?

Q: When will I know when I have received a dorm for the upcoming Fall semester?


Fall housing assignments will not be made until after the previous Spring Semester. Current residents have top priority, so after the Spring residents let us know if they’re returning for the Fall, we’ll know how many spaces are available to place new students.

Your priority for assignment is based on the date you submitted your Housing Application. Before you can be placed you need a completed file. Three items are needed for a completed file - (1) Your Housing application (2) The $100 non-refundable Housing processing fee and (3) a background check needs to be run. The background check form can be found on the Housing web-site www.tjc.edu/housing. Please download the form, complete it and sign it, return it to the housing department either by fax or scan it and return as an e-mail attachment. Our e-mail address is housing@tjc.edu.

Finally, in order to attend college in Texas all students need to have a bacterial meningitis vaccination. A copy of your documentation showing you have received the vaccination needs to be submitted through the TJC Admissions Office.

Q: Where is the Housing Application?

Q: Where can I check the status of my Housing Application?

Q: Do the dorms have Wi-Fi or Ethernet capabilities?

Q: Are there rules about curfew or rules for boys and girls being in the same room? Are the dorms set up apartment style for freshman?

Q: Are freshman required to live on campus?

Q: Are there dorms for married couples?

Q: Do I have to share a dorm room?

Q: What is the address if someone wants to send mail to a resident?

Q: How many hours are required to take to live on campus in a dorm?

Q: Can a member of the opposite sex spend the night in your dorm if they are a student?

Q: Are we allowed to have a mini fridge in our dorm room?

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